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Have you being searching for a good meditation headband? perhaps something to assist with sleep? This brain sensing Muse S Headband may be the answer.

Track your brain activity in real time. Keep a check on your heart-rate plus breathing.

Muse Meditation Headband

The day to day stress of everyday life can certainly take it’s toll on many of us. We live in uncertain times and sometimes it’s very difficult to just switch off.

It’s easy to feel that you are not making the most of things. The brain can often feel cluttered and sluggish working at half pace. Through meditation and enough hours sleep, we can start to ease the load and start being more productive.

Brain Sensing and Relaxation

The Muse EEG Headset has been shown to be a winner when it comes to reduced stress and relaxation. It’s also considered to have a de-cluttering effect on the brain opening up more space for healthy living.

Meditation is sometimes not the easiest thing to do particularly for those of us who are little more highly strung. We often wonder – “Am I doing it right?” or “Is mediation working for me?”

muse headband

Through the Muse App, you can track exactly what is happening and what progress you are making in real-time.

Switching off is a real issue for people these days in a hectic world that never seems to take a breath. Take back some control today and order a Muse Headband.

Your biofeedback can explain so much when it comes to understanding you mind and body.

Muse Headband Review

Independent reviews have shown an overwhelmingly positive response to the device.

The Muse App works with the majority of Android and Apple devices

Muse S Headband

  • There is no need for a teacher. Allow your Muse multi-sensor device to step in and guide you. Avoid losing focus and dive deep into a pool of relaxation.
  • Get into the right headspace before you go to bed. Track all those important pre-sleep signs so you know your body is ready to hit the hay…as they say. The brain, heart and breathing all send out signs when your body is ready to sleep.
  • Listen to a soothing vice gradually guide you through the process as you begin to enter that beautiful phase between full sleep and pre sleep. Begin the soundscape passages in order to continue your journey into deep sleep.
  • The headset is perfectly suitable for wearing overnight so allow yourself to drift off. One size fits all with this wonderful sleep companion.